Why Get Certified

Transparency and traceability is a growing area of concern for consumers and regulatory authorities.  Third party certification programs such as IFOS are becoming increasingly important as they provide a way for industry to publicly demonstrate that their products are safe, pure and of high quality.

Benefits of IFOS certification

  • Stand out from competitors on the shelf
  • Demonstrate your brand’s commitment to transparency
  • Respond to consumer demand for product quality, safety and potency


IFOS has several unique features that make it the best product testing option for fish oil companies

  • Products are analyzed to the highest industry standards for contami­nants, stability and potency; the IFOS cut-offs are more stringent than those set by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and the World Health Organization
  • IFOS provides downloadable Product Reports, free for consumers to access, on the IFOS website. IFOS Reports contain detailed results for all testing categories for individual batches/lots
  • Each individual batch/lot number tested is displayed on the IFOS website, removing any doubt in the consumer’s mind that their product is truly IFOS certified
  • The IFOS Program is exclusively focused on omega-3 fish oil products. IFOS has long-standing experience testing fish oil at all points along the supply chain and is dedicated to serving both industry and consumers