What IFOS Tests For

IFOS tests fish oil products on a batch/lot-specific basis to the highest, most stringent international standards for:

  • Active ingredient(s) content (e.g., omega-3s [EPA + DHA]) compared to the label claim
  • Contaminants
    • Total PCBs
    • Dioxins and furans
    • Dioxin-like PCBs
  • Heavy metals
    • Mercury
    • Lead
    • Inorganic arsenic
    • Cadmium
  • Stability
    • Peroxide
    • Anisidine
    • Total oxidation
    • Acid value

Have a fish oil product with added flavours, colours and antioxidants? Contact us at ifos@nutrasource.ca to find out how the True Anisidine Value (TAV) test can help overcome false rancidity positives for these types of oils.

To obtain detailed information on IFOS testing methods and cut-off values, please contact ifos@nutrasource.ca.