About the 5-Star Rating System

Once a fish oil product is tested through IFOS, it is rated based on a 5-star system according to the testing results. Products that have achieved the highest worldwide stan­dards for fish oil will be awarded the coveted IFOS 5-Star Rating.

The 5-star criteria differ depending on whether the fish oil is a finished product or a raw material.  The criteria for each are depicted below:

5-Star Criteria for Finished Products and Brands

  • Product has passed all IFOS testing categories
  • Product meets the label claim for active ingredient concentration
  • Product has an oxidation level less than 75% of CRN standard
  • Product PCB levels are less than 50% of CRN standard
  • Product dioxin levels are less than 50% of WHO standard

5-Star Criteria for Raw Materials

  • The manufacturing facility is an approved and registered food/dietary supplement manufacturing facility with an appropriate certification
  • The company and/or product has been registered in accordance with the regulatory authorities’ requirements where the product is produced
  • The analytical methods used have met the IFOS standard of testing
  • Each lot of certified IFOS raw material has been individually inspected and reviewed for IFOS program compliance
  • The product has met the IFOS 5-Star Rating Criteria

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